Skid Control Film and Stunt Vehicles for Hire

With our 50+ combined years of competitive/professional driving and teaching, we have built a team of Professional Drivers and Quality Vehicles that cover all forms of driving. We understand the need for professional precision drivers, stunt drivers and quality vehicles. This is where we have come to expand our professional services to all industries looking to have their driving and vehicle needs handled by an experienced outfit, which offers you the ability to concentrate on your area of expertise and achieve your end result.

Purpose Built Film and Stunt Vehicles for Hire

Hiring vehicles for your driving and filming needs can be tough when vehicles are generally average, standard and unsuitable or just not offered by a company that understands your needs!

Skid Control has built a fleet of vehicles second to none, all are regularly used within our company and have achieved many results in motorsport! All vehicles are clean, well maintained and available for your desired need a dress up.

All of our vehicles come with one of our professional drivers as needed to operate the vehicle for your specific needs.

Nissan R35 GTR

The pinacle of the Skid Control fleet is our Nissan R35 GTR. Known as Godzilla and always showing Supercars up on the race track, this is a weapon of a vehicle.

It is a full Motorsport Australia compliant race vehicle with full roll cage and 2x race bucket seats for safety.

This is the perfect vehicle where high speed and grip is needed, and all packaged with full motorsport safety for participants in the vehicle.

Toyota Supra GR

The newest vehicle in the fleet is the much talked about Toyota Supra GR.

This 2 door road going Sports Car is very comfortable at low speeds with refined BMW suspension but when you put your foot down, it’s takes off instantly with all of it’s turbo power!

Sharp handling, comfortable interior, sleek looks, it is a special vehicle and has many uses both straight, through corners and even sideways!

BMW E90 M3

The Ultimate Camera Car!

Our M3 is a comfortable, fast, soft riding, 4 doors (big) and perfect car to rig up with your cameras.

Powered by a legendary V8 engine, sitting on Semi Slick Race tyres and a very wide wheel track, it ensures that this car can keep up with the fast pace need of camera cars without the harsh ride as experienced by most Super Cars.

Safety upgrades available if required, seating fro up to 4 on request.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The 4WD, go anywhere, film anything!

The Wildtrak is a remarkable 4WD vehicle with suitable tyres and an offroad system that allows it to go where others can’t.

The vehicle is fitted with roof rack and an open rear tray for all of your gear. It is also rated to tow up to 3.5tonne, there really isn’t much this can’t do for you!

Being the Wildtrak, it also hosts a premium interior so that you can be comfortable during your hire.