Skid Control Corporate Driver Training

With our 50+ combined years of competitive/professional driving and teaching, we have built a team of Professional Drivers and Quality Vehicles that cover all forms of driving. We have identified a clear and regular need for corporate driver training where the latest driving techniques and teachings are used and taught in an enjoyable, informative way. This is where we have come to expand our professional services to all industries looking to have their driver training needs handled by a professional, modern driver training company.

Professional Defensive, Low Risk and 4WD Training

At Skid Control we offer only the latest and modern teachings in driving covering Defensive, Low Risk and 4WD training.

Our courses do not offer an accreditation due to limitations in place utilising this pathway, but our trainers combined hold all available driving qualifications available today. These include qualifications in Training and Assessing, Mine spec 4WD training, Learner Driver training and much more.

What this approach allows us the opportunity to do is build a course much more directly related to your needs to ensure your drivers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to stay safe and complete their daily driving tasks efficiently.  


4WD Training

4WD training is becoming more and more important in the corporate world, and with much higher risks involved, it is extrenmely important to ensure your rivers are equiped with the knowledge and skills to operate a 4WD vehicle in the safest way.

Courses cover vehicle technology, using the 4WD system, terrain navigation, driving techniques, vehicles recovery and much more!

Defensive Driving

As your drivers are exposed to many changing environments on the public road, equiping your drivers with some advanced defensive driving tecniques is a good way to keep them safe.

In these courses your drivers will be exposed to a vehicle in an out of control, and taught how best to deal with each type. They will also learn advanced driving techniques never taught during the licensing process, and leave the day as well equipped as possible to be able to handle many situations safely.

Low Risk Driving

One of the latest in driver training is the acknowledgement that the best types of driver training you could give your drivers is how to minomise their risk on the road.

Techniques taught in this course are advanced braking, vision, following distances and many more ways to reduce their risk whilst sharing the public road with other road users of all backgorunds and abilities.

Bespoke Courses

Have something unique you need to get your driver’s trained up for?

With our vast experience in a wide variety of driving disciplines, we can put together a bespoke course for your drivers and ensure they leave with the knowledge and skills required to fulfil their driving duties for your organisation.