Want to slide a car on the Skid Pan?

Bring your car or hire one of our at our “Skid Pan” and “Grip n Slide” sessions in Brisbane and learn to control the slide.
Low wear and tear allows you to use your own car and have fun without the high costs.

Prefer Racing or Track Days?

Do you prefer the excitement and technicalities involved in Circuit Racing?
We run regular Track Days at selected Race Tracks around Queensland with instruction!

Is it Rally that makes you Grin?

Do you enjoy the dust and the feeling of that perfect powerslide through the corner in the dirt?
Our monthly Rally days are run in a relaxed environment with a safe surface for road cars!

Is Drifting Your Thing?

Skid Control also offer dry drift days for beginners and pro’s alike!
Bring your car to learn the basics or show off your skills, full instruction provided!

Interested in Performance Driving?

Learn High Performance Driving Skills at our full day courses and get to drive 3 of our vehicles!
Advance Braking, Steering, Vision, Khanacross, Motorkhana and Sliding.

Are you looking for Driver Training and to learn Advanced Driving Skills? Are you interested in driving on a Skid Pan, Drift Track, Race Track, Khanacross or Rally Track in Brisbane?

Welcome to Skid Control

Skid Control offers Driver Training for Advanced Driving Skills to all levels of drivers. We also offer you the chance to test you and your car on a Skid Pan, Drift, Race, Rally and Khanacross Track in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich in Queensland. At Skid Control you choose to learn or have fun at any of our driving disciplines in a safe, relaxed and social environment with like-minded enthusiasts and professional instructors!

At the Skid Pan you learn to control a slide on safe, low speed tracks that are full of fun. The skid pan is low wear and tear on your car and tyres as it is run on a wet track. Free, friendly and professional instruction is available for all drivers who want to learn or improve their driving.

We welcome any car from your high end Supercars to your daily commute. The skid pan is fun in rear-wheel, all-wheel and even front-wheel drive vehicles. As long as it’s registered, it’s welcome.

Not comfortable with using your own car on the skid pan? No problem, we have hire cars available for you to enjoy. See our cars for hire here.

Private hire is also available at all of our Skid Pans, get in touch now to find out more.


At our Rally Days you learn to slide, handbrake and race your car off-road like a Rally Pro. The track is a smooth clay base and is suitable for all vehicles and street tyres with minimal stones. We welcome any car to these days, from your daily drive to a full spec Rally/Track car.

In car instruction, outside tips and advice are available all day form our friendly and experienced instructors free of charge. This is a full day of an unmatched amount of track time. We also have a few WRX’s for hire so you can experience this amazing day even if you don’t want to use your own car.

Private hire is also available at our Rally Track, get in touch now to find out more.


At our Track Days we take you through everything you need to know about driving your car on a Race Track. We start with a full briefing and then head out on track in a lead-follow group where the lead instructor car will show you the racing lines, braking points, apexes and exit points. This happens in the morning gradually building up the pace and then in the afternoon you run on track at your own pace to test out your new found track knowledge.

We welcome any car from your high end Supercars to your daily commute. The track is great for rear-wheel, all-wheel and front-wheel drive vehicles. We also welcome full track cars with a reasonable exhaust setup. Half day, Full Day, Training and Non-Training group spots are available. We also offer 1 to 1 Race Training at any Track Day and a Training group at all Time Attack Rounds. Check out what we offer on our Events Page.

Private hire is also available at all of our Track Days, get in touch now to find out more.


At the Drift Track you learn to drift like a pro on our custom, high speed, dry Drift Track. The track allows for high speed and low speed drifting and is suitable for drivers of all skill levels.

The drift days are open to ANY rear-wheel drive car but a Limited Slip Differential is highly recommended! Unregistered vehicles are also welcome and no noise limits apply.

The drift track requires multiple tyres to be brought along and instruction is provided all day free of charge if needed. The drifting lasts 4 hours and limited to 15 cars for maximum track time!

Private hire is also available at our Drift Track, get in touch now to find out more.


Performance Driving
The High Performance Driving Courses are run on dry and wet track throughout the day and include: Advanced Driving Techniques, Slalom, Vision, High Speed Braking, Motorkhana, Khanacross, Understeer and Oversteer!

Lunch is supplied and you get to drive two of Skid Control’s High performance vehicles, as well as your own cars at all driving activities.

Courses are limited to 16 people and Guarantee a lot of track time. During this course you will learn some advanced driving skills, and it may even give you an idea of where you want to taking your driving to next!

Private hire is available for team building and parties, get in touch now to find out more.



The Khanacross and Gymkhana are our cheapest events on offer and is suitable for all cars, drivers and loads of fun! Drivers as young as 14 are welcome and any drivers under 16 require a licensed passenger.

This course is a higher speed one with a corner every 100 meters. This track offers awesome challenges set out and will bring a big smile to your face! Two layouts are run through the day and plenty of runs are available!

This is a full day of unlimited driving and both courses and instruction is available for everyone from professional drivers. These days are limited to 40 people and the amount of track time you get is incredible!

Corporate, Club and group hire is also available, get in touch now for pricing.


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